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Since 2011, Taxwise Progressiv, LLC has offered the professional services of Accounting, Taxation, Consulting and Management advisory in the whole of South Florida and across the U.S.

Our firm’s legacy has been built by providing high quality advisory and compliance services at a fair cost to our clients on a timely basis, using highly innovative and knowledgeable in-house technical and industry experts. Our breadth of expertise is cultivated from many years of experience. Our team of dedicated professionals have a wide range of educational and business experience.  We believe in extensive continuing professional training, and are required to participate in over 40 hours of authorized accounting and tax seminars, conferences and other educational updates every year.

Taxwise Progressive provides Personal and Business tax services with execptional quality. All of  our services are guaranteed. Our unparalleled services, competitive prices and overall value, are why our loyal clients will not go anywhere else and keep referring more clients to us. Our goal is to provide accurate personal and Business tax services alongside the security, confidence and protection that a noble tax company can provide. Taxwise progressive is an all-year tax preparation service company and we are here to assist individual/business with their tax service/amendments. We are licensed throughout the entire United States



Taxwise Progressive has built a prodigious reputation as trusted tax experts. Our company’s dedication to our customers and commitment to providing the best tax services has kept our retention rate at 96% and we are continually adding new clients every year through referrals. Taxwise Progressive is committed to providing quality services to the community. As a company, we believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, we focus on integrity and customers first. We believe that a good reputation and consistent services will satisfy our customers and keep repeated business. By being trustworthy, our customer will enjoy a long-term profitable business relationship.

We are proud of our expert ability to help clients meet and exceed their strategic and financial objectives. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to serve you.

We are looking forward to serving you.



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